The Algonquin Land Claim
The Algonquin Land Claim covers a territory of 36,000 square kilometres in eastern Ontario that is populated by more than 1.2 million people. If successful, the negotiations will produce the province’s first modern-day constitutionally protected treaty. The Algonquins of Ontario assert that they have Aboriginal rights and title that have never been extinguished, and have continuing ownership to the Ontario portions of the Ottawa and Mattawa River watersheds and their natural resources. The boundaries of the claim are based largely on the watershed, which was historically used and occupied by the Algonquin people.

Key terms of a possible settlement:
The negotiators for the Algonquins of Ontario, the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario have agreed to recommend:
• the transfer of 117,500 acres of Crown Lands to Algonquin ownership
• $300 million as settlement capital provided by Canada and Ontario
• Defined Algonquin rights related to lands and natural resources
The negotiators have also agreed that:
• no new reserves will be created
• Algonquin Park will be preserved for the enjoyment of all
• land will not be expropriated from private owners as a result of the settlement

Several years of work remain, including another stage of negotiations and consultations, before a Final Agreement can be reached.
Although there are some 200 parcels of land set to be transferred to the Algonquins, the areas located on White Lake include about one kilometer of shoreline and Hardwood Island. These areas are located on the northwestern shore of White Lake and are shown on the maps below.
Information on the Algonquin Land Claim Settlement can be found on the web. Several useful links and documents are listed below. Simply click onto the text to connect to the appropriate website.
1.  Province of Ontario web page on the Algonquin Land Claim.
2. Detailed maps of parcel 60_G (White Lake Lands prior to 2020 change - map above).
3.  Preliminary draft of the Comprehensive Algonquin Land Claims Agreement, December, 2012.
4. Comprehensive Algonquin Land Clains Agreement in Principle, June 2015.
5. Draft Environmental Evaluation Report; August 28, 2017.
6. Supplemental Report to the Draft Environment Report: Proposed Settlement Lands, October 2020.
Parcel 60 G as of October, 2020
Original Parcel 60G Claim
Darling Long Lake: Parcel 267